Concerns about insurance and COVID-10 Vaccinations

April 8, 2021 Benefits, Claims, Uncategorized

There seems to be a bunch of information floating around on the internet and social media about whether or not getting your COVID vaccination will affect future insurability or claims. Several of the major insurance carriers including but not limited to, Manulife, Equitable Life, Canada Life, and Alberta Blue Cross, have come out publicly to say that in no uncertain terms, being vaccinated will not affect your current life or health coverage. Further to this, getting vaccinated will not affect your ability to obtain life or health coverage in the future. The vaccines have been approved for use in Canada by Health Canada, which is the basis for the insurers position regarding this health initiative. Here is a link to Manulife’s website, where they state their position. The Truth about COVID-19 vaccinations. It is everyone’s personal decision on whether to be vaccinated or not, but the myth that you will not have claims honored, or not be able to get future coverage should not be a deciding factor. I have personally received the Astra-Zeneca vaccine, with minor discomfort at the injection site and fatigue for about a day and a half.

Respectfully submitted,

Jim Myers CEBS